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"Midwest farm girl met liberation and peace.  My experience at the New Eyes, New Vision retreat is indescribable and only in the best way.  A family of caring, committed and wise souls held space for me to simply be, be me, explore a new me, and grow me. I encourage all those with trepidation and apprehension to be open to any experience that Nina and Joseph offer.  Great thanks to all that were a part of this journey!"


Laraine M

Mickelson Consulting LLC

October, 2017 New Eyes, New Vision at Sacred Mountain



"Nina and Joseph, what you both bring to the wholeness of the shift this century cannot be put into words. You have co-created a vehicle for change, Master Change. I am so happy that I have connected to you!"


Rev. Cassandra M

February, 2018 Calling in the Field of the Miraculous



"Opening to Divine Eros" with Patricia Ellsberg is almost like falling in love and being in love. It's like the first time you fall in love and it's always available. It's such a gift! Any ordinary moment, washing the floor or making the bed have become so much richer and add a dimension to my day. I'm loving the connection to sacred life everywhere. I've spent decades seeking this and this little class of yours gave me the button! It gave me the click! It's like everything is possible!


Regina U

April 2017 Opening to Divine Eros with Patricia Ellsberg



Patricia Ellsberg, it's your way. Your way makes a very big difference. You are so authentic and so real. The way you prepare brings it down from the pedestal. It makes it so much easier to have a beginner's mind. Your stories are so real. It establishes a bridge immediately. 


Regina U

April 2017 Opening to Divine Eros with Patricia Ellsberg



"Blessed be to the Creator for bringing Nina and Joseph to the Planet! What

gifts they are. As visionaries, Nina and Joseph powerfully hold and express the infinite goodness that is possible for humanity. Whenever they put out the call for individuals to gather they attract participants that create momentum for a collective vision to emerge and evolve. Each person contributes to a master blueprint and more powerful expression in the world individually and collectively.


Most spiritual immersions are lovely, powerful and you leave feeling filled. Over time, the power they hold diminishes and becomes a beautiful memory. This New Eyes, New Vision experience was something different. There was unity between facilitators and participants. We were one. Sharing the circle with equanimity. We expressed our divinity in rich and playful ways. We learned from one another, honored one another's gifts and continue to lift one another's visions. This happened because Joseph and Nina created space for it to happen.


My experience was magical and transformative. I have greater clarity of who I AM and the path and purpose that is calling me forward. I also feel that I am a part of a larger family. A tribe that is holding me in as much light as I am holding them. It has been months and I am still integrating. The power of our time together continues to pulsate and emerge in beautiful divine expressions that are lighting my way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  For this and more, 

blessed be dear ones. I love you!"


Erin D

Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer and Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Conscious Living

October 2017 New Eyes, New Vision at Sacred Mountain



I love Michelle Marie and Grace's message! "A New Way of Loving in the World" puts so much love and hope in the world.


Kelly W

May, 2018 A New Way of Loving in the World



Nina Patrick is such a class act and gives voice to these new spaces we find ourselves in.  Joseph's succinct and beautiful messages are these beautifully packaged sermons in a paragraph that take us into profound places.

Wonderful, powerful and intimate... I loved it! 


Cate R

April 2018 Calling in the Field of the Miraculous



"Everything shifted!  I see with new eyes and new vision. Through my soul's eyes, I suddenly understand my life and my Self in a new way.  A most loving way.  A most benevolent way. And why we are here.  And from this perspective, 

I KNOW that I am living MY epic life.  There is nothing ordinary at all. In fact, it is extraordinary!  It delights me to play with this perspective and to continue to open to it in new ways, on a daily basis.  I definitely see myself differently and everyone else in my life and throughout my life, as well.  Joy reigns in abundance.  And, I feel new!"


Sharyn D

October 2017 New Eyes, New Vision at Sacred Mountain



In "A New Way of Loving in the World" with Michelle Marie and Grace it is wonderful to have "community" of others to learn more about living out the principles and values to reinforce my intentional living. I am grateful.


Terri J

May, 2018 A New Way of Loving in the World


What an amazing place! what generous hosts! what sacred land, what peace, what awesome food! And this is just the beginning! This is a place where "every plate is a prayer" - and the food? well, heavenly! To be in nature was grounding and nurturing. The land and views are stunning. Our time here was just what we needed. Time with Joseph and Nina has been a great blessing and we are in awe of what will come next for them.


Bob W and Noel M

March 2018 Milagro World Center at Hacienda La Pagoda, Chiriqui Highlands, Panama



So much gratitude for time spent with Joseph and Nina at the Milagro World Center. Generous hospitality and delicious, artful, prayerful cooking. Relaxing in nature with the birds, the trees, and the river. Experiencing Bajareiki, the rains and the land, all contributing to much-needed relaxation. No more aching shoulders!  


Thalia P

May 2018 Milagro World Center at Hacienda La Pagoda, Chiriqui Highlands, Panama"



We were introduced to a multitude of blessings called the Milagro World Center especially the blessings of who you are.  Joseph, your heart is a wonder to behold. Nina, your graciousness, and understanding are much appreciated. Generously prepared food was both a pleasure to eat and a work of art to look at!  And of course, the beauty and bounty of nature on the property is definitely self-nurturing. 


David P

May 2018 Milagro World Center at Hacienda La Pagoda, Chiriqui Highlands, Panama"


"I love this group. They have weekly calls that span interests and may well appeal to you, my friends. I invite you to look into this group on Facebook and register to see if you relate, as I do, and get something beautiful from it, as I do.  Look for Facebook Milagro World Center Community Page.  Remember how great our conversations used to be? Come and experience that depth again."


Rev. Cassandra M

May 2018 Global Community of Co-Creative Visionary Leaders


Thank you, Nina and Joseph for co-facilitating a wonderfully inspiring call this morning. I am grateful to have participated in this gathering for the first time. Our joining together in the Resonant Field is an essential practice to bring forth into being, what is yearning to manifest through us, as us. Thank you, again! Peace be with you.


Rosemary Z 

May 2018 Global Community of Co-Creative Visionary Leaders



My gratitude to both of you, Patricia and Nina, for an awesome online group process with guided meditation and weekly themes exploring Divine Eros. It was an unexpected experience of expansion beyond being in face to face meditation groups, which I have participated in for many many years. I am humbled and in awe of this larger group energetic emerging with an online course - and also with the easy and comfortable small group structured sharing in conversations. 



Joyce F

July 2018 Opening to Divine Eros with Patricia Ellsberg


Awesome! More than awesome. At 83, I feel like I'm a brand new person!!!


Sandy T

July 2018 Opening to Divine Eros with Patricia Ellsberg



I loved the uniqueness of our first sacred shared experience. Patricia is such a beautiful lyrical teacher --- a joy to experience. I feel so blessed to be part of our delving-into-deeper-loving adventure. Thank you. 


Selena K

July 2018 Opening to Divine Eros with Patricia Ellsberg

These Conference Calls have a content and interactivity which have made a fundamental difference in my life. From a distance, and in the comfort of my own home they are educational, community minded, forward thinking and co-creative thus supportive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They bring together people from across the world, fostering not only wellbeing but also an understanding of diversity and a global perspective. The impact on my life has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so very appreciative and grateful for these conference calls.


Donna R

October 2018 Weekly Co-creative Visionary Leaders Call 

Nina and Joseph – Thank you for providing the Sunday Service every week. To me this is what Church is. A time to get together and share our profound connection with each other, with nature, with the Divine. You nourish those, like myself, who are in the trenches, day after day, week after week, servicing the community. So grateful for every thing that you do. My Love and Gratitude to you.

Noel M

October 2018  Weekly Calling In the Field of the Miraculous

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