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Alfredo Joseph Rosado
Founder, Milagro World Center
Speaker, Writer and Teacher 
Social and Culinary Entrepreneur
Former Resident Guardian, The Chalice Well and Peace Gardens


Joseph stepped on to his spiritual path in the early 1990's  with an intensive study of comparative mythology and the life, writings and teaching of Joseph Campbell. Thus began Joseph Rosado's passionate intellectual and spiritual journey.


In 1996, Joseph and his partner were selected from more than 250 applicants as the first and only U.S. guardians of Chalice Well and Peace Gardens in Glastonbury, Somerset, England.  The Chalice Well which is nestled between the Vale of Avalon, the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill is truly one of Britain's most holy sites. More than 50,000 "pilgrims" visit the well and gardens each year.


As guardian of the well and gardens, Joseph greeted the many pilgrims who entered the gates as part of their personal spiritual journey. His role as guardian was much greater than just gatekeeper though. Joseph was historian and story teller of the enchantment of the well, the gardens and the retreat house. He also managed the operational and financial aspects of the entire site which offered accommodations for 15 as well as book and gift shop. During Joseph's three year tenure, many significant changes and additions were made. The financial gains realized from these changes and endowments allowed the Chalice Well Trust to become financially self-sustaining. When Joseph's work was complete at this holy site in 1999 it was clearly evident that his future path was to focus on sacred travel throughout the world and to be a guide for others on their spiritual path. 


Residing from 2010 to 2018 in the rain and cloud forests of Panama, Central America, Joseph is also a social and culinary entrepreneur. He has owned and managed a variety of businesses including a retail music storefront in New York City, a holistic center in Florida, sustainably minded organic eateries in Florida and New Mexico and a sacred travel company.


Currently Joseph resides in a northern lakefront suburb of Chicago and is a Founder and Director of the Milagro World Center. The Milagro (Miracle) World Center offers education, events and retreats - and brings conscious community together in highly interactive weekly teleconferences. This community of visionary leaders are seeding a new project, Keepers of the Turn, as a global conversation and shared cultural practice for all of humanity. Learn more at


Learn more about Joseph at;

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Nina Louise Patrick
Founder, Milagro World Center
Spiritual Mentor, Facilitator and Educator
Former Co-President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Former Founding Steward, GOOD of the WHOLE
Founder, Sacred Travel Initiative
Founder, Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland

Retired from Fortune 1000 Corporate America Nina has been around the world in service to personal and social transformation through a variety of different initiatives including The Milagro World Center, Wild Raspberry Resale and More, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Good of the Whole, Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland and Sacred Travel Initiative.


Currently residing in a northern lakefront suburb of Chicago Nina is a Founder and Director of the Milagro World Center. The Milagro (Miracle) World Center offers education, events, and retreats and supports a variety of programs and initiatives in support of an evolving culture including Wild Raspberry Resale in the Chicago suburbs.


Nina's passion lies in the fuller capacities of humankind, the field of the miraculous and co-creative visionary leadership.


She, along with Joseph Rosado bring conscious community together in highly interactive weekly teleconferences. This community of visionary leaders are seeding and grounding our greater potential to create miracles in our daily lives and a new initiative, Keepers of the Turn, as a global conversation and a shared cultural practice that clears out old patterns, activates our deeper love for others and moves us toward innate wholeness and greater potential for that which is loving, good and creative in the world.


Learn more at;

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