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Even in the midst of challenge we can find ways to live a more meaningful, happier and even more ecstatic life by tapping into the passionate life force that created the entire universe… and you! This natural impulse is vibrating inside you!

Join acclaimed spiritual teacher, Patricia Ellsberg, as she guides us to connect more fully to Source, the Great Mystery, the infinite energy that creates the whole cosmos and life itself, which she calls “Divine Eros”. 


Patricia will offer a pathway to Divine Eros for you to be filled with its miraculous energy. It is your birthright!


Week One: Becoming a Source of the Love You Seek

Week Two: Breathing into Bliss

Week Three: Living in Radical Gratitude

Week  Four: Facing Difficult Emotions & Challenges

Week Five: Enjoying Sacred Pleasures

Week Six: Living in the Flow of Divine Eros

Those of us who know Patricia can attest to her extraordinary ability to generate a highly resonant field that lifts others into an experience with life. She has a gift for merging the sacred and sensual, mystical and profane, sublime and mundane. She calls this path “Experiential Mysticism”.


She has said, “When we open to this world, we are more fully receptive to and infused with the infinite energies that create and propel the universe, and animate each of us and all life. We realize that we are one with all existence. This recognition is embodied, cellular and ecstatic.”


In Patricia’s six-week teleseminar, “Opening to Divine Eros”, you will learn sacred practices designed to infuse you with this divine energy and inspire you to live a more peaceful, creative and fulfilling life even amidst daily challenges.

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We are certain you will enjoy and be enriched by Patricia’s work.
In love, peace and gratitude,
Nina J Patrick / A. Joseph Rosado


More About Patricia Ellsberg:

Those of you who know Patricia can attest to her extraordinary ability to generate a highly resonant field that lifts others into an experience of intimacy with life. Her gift is for merging the sacred and sensual, mystical and profane, sublime and mundane. She calls this path “Experiential Mysticism”.
Patricia is a social change activist, spiritual mentor and long-time teacher of meditation and teleseminars. In their first year of marriage in 1971, she helped her husband, Daniel Ellsberg, release to the press the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret history of US involvement in Vietnam, which helped end the Vietnam War. For years Patricia had her own nationally syndicated interview radio program called New Voices. A central theme of her life has been bridging spiritual experience with social activism. She consistently draws a devoted audience.

She has studied many spiritual traditions and training, such as Buddhism, Psychosynthesis, Tantra, Kundalini, Reiki and The Awakened Mind training, and Mutual Awakening. She has led guided meditations, which have inspired tens of thousands of people around the world, and many teleseminars, often with her sister, Barbara Marx Hubbard, on the Shift Network and beyond. 


P.S. Here’s what a few of those who attended previous events with Patricia have shared about how their lives have changed: 




Patricia Ellsberg has the extraordinary ability to experience and share the passion of Divine Eros within, transmuting every cell in your body with the vibration of love. At the same time, she offers strategic guidance to fulfill your deepest mission on Earth. This combination of inner and outer grace can open you the whole way to birthing your Full Potential Self as a powerful lover of self, social and political transformation.

-Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist, President of Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Patricia embodies the very practices she offers. There is an octave of joy that comes through her teaching and when you are in the presence of it you become attuned to it. It feels like a river of love. When she is sharing a practice it doesn’t feel like instruction. She is so present she is able to go within and be with all of us.
-Sunshine Jones Student, Opening to Divine Eros, Spring 2017 Session

I feel I was introduced to a beautiful long forgotten treasure that’s always been in my body. I have reawakened to pleasure. It’s almost like falling in love for the first time, and then staying in love. Through these practices, it’s always available. It’s such a gift! It is a deep, wondrous connection to sacred life everywhere. Any ordinary moment, washing the floor or making the bed is so much richer and adds a dimension to my day. I’ve spent decades seeking this, and this little class gave me the button, it gave me the click!

Patricia’s voice is divine! She is calm and lighthearted yet also has a commanding way that centers us as well. She invokes feelings of well being that we experience together. It was experiential and sensual.

-Monica Olson, Student, Opening to Divine Eros, Spring 2017 Session

Patricia is truly the embodiment of Divine Eros.  She has an extraordinary ability to generate a field to help others access that energy, to experience it, to dive into it. It gives her deeper and deeper personal joy to share the bliss that she breathes into her own being, and to witness as those around her become infused with collective delight.
-Vivien Feyer, EdM, psychologist, International Human Rights Activist, Retreat Center Owner
Patricia Ellsberg clearly lays out a sacred path with clarity and compassion, guiding us to new possibilities about how to live this one wild and precious life with love and commitment in our minds, our hearts, and our spirit. This is a life-transforming seminar that must be experienced.
-Carole Pertofsky M.Ed., Director, Wellness and Health Promotion Services, Stanford University, Facilitator of retreats and workshops; transformational coach


You will receive:

  • Six 90-minute session replays featuring Patricia Ellsberg and special guests (via ZOOM Video)

  • Three live, interactive 60-minute group coaching sessions (via ZOOM Video)

  • Access to a vibrant, interactive online community

  • Experiential practices that deepen your learning through guided meditation and supplementary materials

Opening to Divine Eros with Patricia Ellsberg

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