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Like New! Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam Handbag in brown with burgundy suede lining, Original $1395


The Marc Jacobs Stam Bag debuted in 2005 and was produced continually until it was discontinued in 2013. Even though every bag gets discontinued eventually, the end of the Stam was particularly notable. It was the last of the three major It Bags of the era to be produced continuously since its birth – along with the Chloe Paddington and Fendi Spy Bag. When it was discontinued the Stam could be had for $1,395 via Neiman Marcus, which is not much more than what it retailed for in 2006 – $1,295.

If you’ve been contemplating buying a throwback Marc Jacobs Stam handbag in your lifetime - or a quilted wallet, now is the time!

Matching quilted wallet is also for sale from Wild Raspberry!


We will ship USPS within the United States or deliver to your door free if within a 15 mile radius ($25.00 min. order). Call us at 847-660-3817 to inquire.

Marc Jacobs Purse

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