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Package of 5 Cards. Includes envelope and sleeve with Each Card.


"Chalice of One Heart" A co-creation of high intention from "New Eyes, New Vision At Sacred Mountain" October 19th-26th, 2017.


Artistry by: Whitney Freya, Marie Mbouni, Theresa Barry Greb, Michelle Pohlad, Patricia Ellsberg, Henry Lepler, Shelley Darling, Elizabeth Herald, Colleen Reid, Deb Peterson, Darlis Mayes, Nadine Louise Allen, Rosa Poire, Maya Poire, Kathy Waldman, Barb Bonamassa, Sharyn Dew, Miranda Lake, Heather McElhatton Nicora, Nancy Chaconas, Ryah Ki, Alandra Hartwell, Phyllis Clay, Erin Dewitt, Candice Adamczak, Laraine Mickelson, Kimberly Webber, Joseph Rosado, Nina Patrick


100% Proceeds With Each Purchase to:

TreeSisters "Billion Trees A Year Campaign" (

Loving Waters "Water Filters Campaign" (


Artwork process guided by Artist and Author of "Rise Above", Whitney Freya. Learn more at


Original Art at the Milagro World Center Headquarters, Portrerillos Ariba, Chiriqui Province, Panama (48" x 60").

Greeting Card, Package of 5, Blank

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