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Milagro World Center Panama also known as Rancho la Pagoda is a sacred space dedicated to profound learning - personal, spiritual, leadership and organizational development that advances consciousness toward solutions for a better future.


Our spectacular tropical rainforest setting is an ideal backdrop for transformative experiences. Nestled in a pure natural environment it is a place where nature creates truly memorable experiences that imprint our subconscious. The sheer power of this natural environment enhances the mind, balances the body and nourishes our spirit. At the end of the journey, we are replenished and in balance. We return to the ordinary things of our life and live them extraordinarily well.


Our programs provide tangible tools for you to rekindle purpose, build resiliency, and cultivate personal well-being all contributing to long-term societal well-being. Connect deeply with other like-minded evolutionary leaders, exceptional teachers, and the natural world. It is a place to care for not only personal self but a larger community as well and once back home you can stay connected to this strong community of like-minded individuals.


As we continue to expand the Milagro World Center Panama you will see and feel first-hand, the importance of architecture and how it has the ability to enhance complete harmony with nature, Conscious architecture seeks to define humanity’s meaningful, rightful and responsible place in the natural world. The concept for the next phase of Milagro World Center Panama is to create an environment that’s built with health giving intent and responsible architecture where conditions are fully supportive of healing and spiritual growth. Architecture can have such a profound effect on the human being and human consciousness, and ultimately on the world. 


The Milagro World Center is a place of renewal Known as El Rancho la Pagoda due to its unique, Japanese-style architectural accents. This beautiful Central American center and estate has more than 34 beautiful acres within the Chiriquí province in the Panamanian Highlands. It has a 3,500-ft. elevation that provides for striking views of the Volcán Barú (Panama’s tallest mountain) and the Pacific Ocean, in addition to an occasional “walk through the clouds".


This is a very inspiring and peaceful property. There are orange groves, countless flowers, natural plants and unbelievable views of the surrounding mountains with more than 300 plant species, many quite special and not commonly seen.  It is difficult to describe or capture the beauty and essence you experience on the site
El Rancho La Pagoda is a historic villa that has played host to various Panamanian presidents and foreign political leaders. It is now host and respite to a different type of leader - stewards of the new world - keepers, guardians, and protectors of what is loving, good and creative.  
As a Milagro World Center, we advocate the miracle of humanity's potential to create a world that works for all life.  
For more information, or to be a part of our next intimate gathering as Milagro World Center write to Joseph Rosado at or Nina Patrick at
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