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We will facilitate a Zoom call for 90 minutes on Tuesday evenings and 60 minutes on Thursday evenings. Thursday evening’s call will be reserved for a high level of interactivity around Tuesday’s theme.

As we continue to deepen our understanding of the worldview of conscious evolution, it’s deeper dynamics help to catalyze the global paradigm shift we are a part of as well as rapidly change our lives and bring forth more powerfully what we were meant to do in this lifetime. During our time together we will use “head-heart-hands” to explore new ideas, intuition and direct knowing. We will connect deeply to each other, nature and spirit in co-creation to bring forth a new vision for our daily life and work.

During this series Nina Louise Patrick will bring forth the core concepts of conscious evolution.


A. Joseph Rosado will bring forth core concepts of Natural Law to strengthen our deepening connection and sense of oneness with nature.


David Powell will bring forth new understandings related to leadership required in these times, as well as his expert knowledge around safe conversations and deep listening, all to strengthen our conscious connection with each other. We will also have guest speakers on occasion.

The Milagro World Center along with many organizations in service to the human and social potential movements provide a context and container for connecting and empowering the vast global movement arising for positive change. As evolutionary individuals and organizations we know that small islands of coherence in a sea of social chaos can jump the system as a whole to a higher degree of harmony and order.


Important Note: There is no cost for this series. It is FREE! This is a pilot program and the Milagro World Center will offer an expanded version of this series in the Fall as a Certificate Program with a tuition fee.


Week 1 – June 16th and June 18th

Our Worldview of Conscious Evolution
Reflect on the power of this story of evolution that integrates science and spirituality to change the way you perceive the world and see how it applies to you. The worldview of Conscious Evolution provides a necessary framework for the next stage of human evolution.

Week 2 – June 23rd and June 25th
Choosing to Evolve

Conscious Evolution is about moving from unconscious chance to one of conscious choice. Be causal!
See that your choice for more life, more expression, more love is natural and supported by the whole process of creation within you.


Week 3 - June 30th and July 2nd
Evolutionary Spirituality

Are you an Evolutionary? Learn the characteristics of an evolutionary.
Evolutionary Spirituality is about incarnating the impulse of evolution as our inspiration and motivation to evolve.
The intelligence that is creating the universe is within us.
You are invited to enter into a new sacred space to experience the deeper resonant field at the core of the spiral, a still point, where you can access the impulse of evolution.

Week 4 - July 7th and July 9th
Moving from Ego to Essence

We are shifting from fear into creativity and love. This is a critical aspect in our path as co-creators in self-evolution. As you incarnate your true nature you discover the feeling of involution where the higher frequencies of your being fuse with your ego. The ego falls in love with its own essence! Rediscover the process of emergence which can help you bring in and stabilize the experience of the Higher Self; intend and imagine this personal shift as a vital part of the planetary shift.

Week 5 - July 14th and July 16th
Become a Catalyst for Social Evolution

As we make the shift from ego to essence tuning in to our compass of joy, a greater impulse of life purpose is awakened and expanded. We begin to find our voice and see our place in the larger pattern as an expression of our soul, our passion, and our joy. Destiny guides us. Engage the 7 S’s vital to social evolution, synergy, synchronicity, syntony, syntropy, spontaneity, supra-sexuality and self–creation to support this process.

Week 6 - July 21st and July 23rd
Forming a Resonant Field With Others

Whenever two or more are joined heart with heart, the process of creation is activated. Learn to cultivate a resonant field of oneness, opening hearts ever wider and deepening universal consciousness. We will join deeply with each other to discover what is truly emerging in each of us. Experience and learn how to establish group coherence and how to sense when a group is not coherent and what to do. Develop sacred practices to support your small group, locally with two or more, or globally in the field. Special Guest: Victoria Friedman from Vistar Foundation

Week 7 - July 28th and July 30th
Discovering the Patterns of a Co-Creative Society

As you continue to follow your compass of joy, you will be carried by the surprise of your own unfolding. You will discover and refine your soul’s expression. That which is so naturally yours to do is your contribution to the larger pattern of a loving, good, and creative world. You will re-pattern yourself as the larger pattern becomes ready for you. Learn to feel your part in the greater whole and discover that you are integral and vital to the larger design.

Week 8 - August 4th and August 6th
Pioneering Synergistic Democracy

Nature is a hierarchy of synergies creating a diversity of organisms for billions of years. Today we are ready to create synergy consciously to survive and thrive. This is the wake up call to mature our species. Learn networking tools and discover networking organizations.

Week 9 – August 11th and August 13th
Mapping, Tracking and Connecting

Identify global co-creators, masterful innovators in every field and function who are successful pioneers. Show your appreciation. Introduce them to each other. Learn about the evolution of the Wheel of Co-Creation as a whole system model. Scan, map, track, and connect what is working in the world.

Week 10 – August 18th and August 20th
Living Centers for Conscious Evolution

The Milagro World Center is a Living Center for Conscious Evolution. We have a unique vision, mission and expression in the world while we support the work of conscious evolution in our local community. You too can maintain your unique identity and support the work of conscious evolution through this sustainable business model. It is also way for evolutionary leaders across the globe to stay connected, share templates and synergize. Learn about current plans and ways you can participate.

Week 11 - August 25th and August 27th
New Eyes, New Vision

The new norm for you includes incarnating the impulse of evolution, deepening mystical peak experience and becoming a conscious co-creator with the creative process itself. Explore the field of infinite potential. Step on the path of the new human and begin to set the evolutionary agenda for the new society.

Week 12 – September 1st and September 3rd
Celebrating the Path of the Evolutionary

We are keepers of a great turn on the grand spiral of evolution - a conscious turn from fear to love - separation to unity. We are stewards of an emerging world, messengers of an evolving culture. Enjoy highlights from our 12-week journey together.



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